Quality Products From Under the Sea

Maintaining healthy oceans and viable, sustainable marine ecosystems is an important priority for Golden Dunes Food Service.

Healthy oceans and abundant fish and shellfish populations are not simply the first step in our seafood supply chain--they are the foundation of our entire seafood program. Golden Dunes Food Service is committed to working with seafood suppliers who practice responsible, sustainable, science-based fishing practices. Our suppliers know their fish. Our suppliers know where and how each species is caught, how their fisheries are managed, and are committed to maintaining abundant fish stocks. They do this by closely monitoring the fish stocks and analyzing information about their catch, and will respond to scientific data by adjusting harvest levels quickly and effectively. We are committed to steady deliveries of high-quality products that meet the specifications of our customers, and satisfy their consumers. Working with responsible, science-based fisheries generates more fish over time and puts more healthy seafood on the plate year after year. It’s good business. It’s good for the ocean, and it’s good for the planet.

Our broad offering includes salmon, seabreams, sea bass, as well as other fresh seasonal catches. Through our innovative packaging, the fish is well-chilled without being frozen or in direct contact with ice or water, to keep it truly fresh and of the highest quality.

Value-Added Fish and Seafood

We offer a large selection of fish that is portioned based on your need and smoked


We offer a large assortment of raw frozen shrimps in a variety of sizes and packages under brand Name of Sea Fresh. Selection includes:

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